Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bunneh is Worn Out

Here is a picture of some of Lobotomy Bunneh's extended family. He's looking forward to visiting them over Thanksgiving break. I'm also looking forward to visiting my own family, and taking a much needed break from the Bunneh. We are worn out, and quite frankly, not getting a long as well as we usually do. We both hope to return from our short break with our friendships restored, ready to start a new chapter in our careers.

This little girl is a special Hot Cross Bunny that was commissioned from an awesome girl through my etsy store. She's based on a sweater found at Lolita Kisama. I love her! She's one of my favorite Hot Cross Bunnies, but she's already been sent to her wonderful new home. In response, I made myself some Lolita Bunnies that are currently in the BFA Show at MECA.

Here's a quick snapshot of my set up for the BFA show. You can see the two Lolita Bunnies on the first shelf. The pink one is embellished with tiny strawberry buttons, and will be going up for sale in my shop on December 6th. The black one is my own personal bunny, and wont be going anywhere except my apartment.
Unfortunatly, because of it's location beside a set of stairs, I am out there every day dusting off my shelves and paintings. No, the BFA show wasn't well thought out this year.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Say

Lobotomy Bunneh has decided to dress all fancy in honor of our 44th president, Barack Obama.
"I Say!"