Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Page Updates

Here's the newest page from my book, as well as the previously seen image completed. The text on both of these are unedited, and are only being used to see how the overall image will look with text etc... I'm happy with them.
In my newest page, I was playing with combining digital with tradition, and I'm going to be working with that even more in my next layout. I'm very excited.
I've worked my butt off all week, between working on this and finishing the story (YES!), and writing some papers, as well as fighting a possible cold real hard. :) Now I'm proud of myself.
Its a great feeling and I hope it lasts as long as it can.

I also fixed up some of the flaws in this one, and now its much better, and will flow more nicely with the gutter of the page.

Oh yeah!! And Scott Pilgrim #5 came out today!! Justin ran out bright and early this morning to buy it and he's currently reading it as I write. I'm jealous, I want to be reading it right now too! The cover is shiny and special. If you haven't picked up the Scott Pilgrim series yet, you really should. It's pretty hilarious and is loaded with some awesome art by a very cool dude, Brian Lee O'Malley. I would like to say he stole my middle name, but I probably stole his. Go buy it, preferably at Casablanca Comics, where they love you.


Anonymous said...

I know i said it b4...but that latest page is rediculous. i love it.

...before i get into scott bad does the lovey stuff get in that story?

Dani Lee Evans said...

Its not bad at all. I mean, the premise continues with him having to fight of her evil ex boyfriends, and his crazy ex girlfriend... but its funny. The mushey crap doesnt go far because hes such a nerd and his girlfriend is way too cool to care. :P i can let you borrow number two if you want so you can read it and make sure the lovey stuff isnt too bad.

Anonymous said...

I would like to borrow your Scott Pilgrim stuff sometime in the studio, whenever you have it handy!

The watercolor background is great. Keep going with stuff like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh! and..she's really TAN in the second image you have, as opposed to the first one. Is that supposed to be that way?

Dani Lee Evans said...

the skin color difference only has to do with the color layout of the page. it just looked better that way.
i will bring in my scott pilgrims when justins done with them. :)