Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My return to updating.

Alright alright. So I took the summer off to help my mom through some rough patches, and to just focus on work that I wanted to do; which meant not updating this blog, apparently.
Oh no! Don't take that the wrong way, Interwebs! I do want to ramble aimlessly into the eternal space that is the world wide web! I swear! There is just something about typing out my hopes and dreams to no one in particular that makes me feel like a hobo on a soapbox about nothing. You understand, don't you?

So this marks my return to blogging. Perhaps we will come up with a very intimate type of bond. Or perhaps we will fight in silence like two roommates with opposite personalities and totally different views on reality.
It'll be a surprise.

Lobotomy Bunneh has come a long way, as you can tell. He's cuter now. But still a menace to society. Sometimes he keeps me up at night and makes me share Super Peanut Butter Ice Cream straight out of the carton. I had a pet bird but he ate it.

I hope you enjoy this picture of a fat and mildly confused walrus.

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