Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bunneh Debut

Lobotomy Bunneh makes his public debut in an advert poster for Portland's 24 Hour Comics Day, held at the Maine College of Art, right here in our little studio of doom. If you're currently calling the Northeast your home (I pity you), you should give it a shot.

Last year's 24 Hour Comics prompted some crazy work from some crazy people, and some of us are still tired a year later. But its a great environment, and, i heard rumor of free food.

...and it is totally not cool to make comics about Scott McCloud.

EDIT!: Lobotomy Bunneh just reminded me that this is not, in fact, his first public appearance. He was actually unveiled during the MECA Merit show last year, which was such a fiasco I had erased it from my memory.
Here is photographic evidence that the show actually did happen, for your amusement:

Some of my Merit show, in which I soon discovered the social context behind why Painters Hate Illustrators.

...more on that subject on a later date.

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